Umholi Trust - Leadership Development

The Umholi Development Trust was founded and registered in 2007 as part of Umbono’s desire to make a positive social impact in the countries in which it operates. The Umholi Trust currently owns 10% of Umbono Capital in South Africa and utilises dividends to fund Umholi beneficiaries. The Trustees of the Umholi Trust are Lesiba Mothata, Carol Mkize, Robert Gerhard and Phiway Mbuyazi.

The Vision of the Umholi Trust is to invest in the next generation of African leaders by making an impact on the lives of students at the university or post-graduate stage. The Umholi Trust seeks to ensure that beneficiaries are prepared for their careers in whatever sphere of society they seek to operate, and are solidly grounded through a good tertiary education and sound Christian principles guided by a Biblical Christian worldview. The Umholi Trust helps beneficiaries to become more effective leaders within their communities and thereby to have a positive impact on South Africa, Africa and ultimately the world.

Each year Umholi selects deserving beneficiaries to receive the Umholi Scholarship – these being university level candidates demonstrating excellence and leadership potential. This scholarship provides funding for a tailor-made “life experience” together with a year-long mentorship programme. Since 2007 the Umholi Trust has provided its Leadership Scholarship to 33 Beneficiaries. The Beneficiaries for 2011 are the following.

In 2011, Umholi broadened its scope to launch a major new initiative Leaders in Transformation Institute (LIT) as a beneficiary and recipient of Umholi funds. LIT aims to develop a Christian university in South Africa over time to supplement the core education provided by South Africa’s mainstream universities by providing a “transformative equipping experience” for targetted disciplines to integrate Christian faith and learning, along with mentorship and the application of knowledge in key “spheres” of society to which people are called – the marketplace, government and civil service, education, the arts and media, healthcare and social services and the like.

In 2012, LIT launched “outreach programs” at the two major universities in Johannesburg and is influencing over 1,000 students on these campusses with training programs that integrate faith, learning and life-skills and prepare students for successful careers.

Please see for more information on Leaders in Transformation.